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Wiggles to Freedom

I often struggle with feelings of being trapped. Art, writing, and yoga are beautiful practices that allow parts of me that seem to get frozen to remember how much space and freedom I have to stretch, explore, and create. ๐ŸŽจ

First it begins with an awkward wiggle--a lost blob on the page, a bland sentence, or a creaky transition from downward dog to plank. But then comes the noticing of thoughts and mindsets that have wedged themselves into the pathways that my being uses to travel. In these moments, even though it might seem as if the practice is going nowhere, I make a decision to wiggle a little more, and all of a sudden I might find a partner shape for the blob, a new character births out of the bland sentence, or I feel like I could reach to the core of the earth in the yoga pose.

The wiggles transition to expansive movements. A dance forms, and I realize my partner is this beautiful mystical spirit that Robyn McClendon speaks of.

I love thinking about the "art" of breath because if we experience breathing as an art form, no matter where we might be, we always have access to be ourselves and to experience this mystical spirit. The breathing might be a bit jagged at the beginning, but with practice it becomes smoother and more expansive. From here the breath can play and create. It can take the form of "ujjayi" and we get to experience ocean ๐ŸŒŠ waves within our ears. Or khapalabhati, which to me has always felt like jumping on a trampoline.

No matter what breath arrives, sometimes all it takes is a pause, a brief shift in awareness that opens up the realm of getting to experience the pleasure of riding the waves of breath throughout the day. ๐ŸŒž

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