• mariarosestone

The Legend of the Unicorns

A long time ago, people lived with magnificent pearl-white horses that had a glowing alicorn on the center of their forehead and wings that carried them high into the sky. They called them unicorns. Every morning, the people climbed onto their unicorns, and together, they flew up high, higher than the clouds, and greeted the sun together. And, every morning, the sun shined its rays in response to the iridescence that glistened above our world. But, one day, all of this changed when a boy decided not to greet the sun. He and his unicorn set out for an adventure before the first daylight could be seen. His people did not see him for many days. When he did return, he was without his unicorn, and the others soon began to change. They stopped greeting the sun and forgot about their unicorns. Instead, they spent their days searching for gold. The unicorns felt deep sorrow, and one day, their wings dissipated, for they had no need for them anymore. Flying was not the same without their companions. Eventually the humans remembered the unicorns again, but for awful reasons. They began to hunt them for their golden alicorns. Many unicorns died during this time, but magic was on their side. To save themselves, the remaining unicorns hid inside a tree, where they remain today, waiting for a better time when the world is safe for them again.

~The Legend of the Unicorns as told by Ernest of Alonia

greet the sun.