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Raindrops Tell Stories

“Maybe there is no such thing as rain; there are only raindrops, each with its own story.”

-Robin Wall Kimmerer

We are living inside a colorful, vibrant sphere of infinite stories. 🌍

In elementary school, I remember having a moment while inside Blockbuster (video rental store) and honestly being concerned because I was afraid that soon they would run out of stories to create movies out of. 🎥

This may seem like a silly fear, but like many fears, for me reflection and connection with nature opens up the remembering of true abundance. 🌻

If a single raindrop has a story, so does a blade of grass. If a blade of a grass has a story, so does an apple. 🍎My goodness. Every orange, banana, cucumber, lemon, and peach too. Dill—all those green strands, does each one of those have a story too?

What about cells?

Ooh, and then what happens if two raindrops meet? Do they share each other’s stories and create something new? And if they fall on a blade of grass, does the blade tell the drops about the tickle of an ant’s legs? Was the blade anticipating the raindrops? 💧

The more I ask these questions, the more excited I feel to be awake. The existence of a true, healthy abundance is just one of the things I am learning from nature. There is little loneliness here, how could there be when there’s so many stories to share and explore?

What story would you be excited to listen to- that of a raindrop or blade of grass? Or both? Or something else perhaps? ❤️


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