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Nature Lives and Breathes Unconditional Love

“I had made up my mind that if you didn’t come for me tonight I’d go down the track to that big wild cherry tree at the bend, and climb up into it to stay all night. I wouldn’t be a bit afraid, and it would be lovely to sleep in a wild cherry tree all white with bloom in the moonshine, don’t you think?"

-Anne of Green Gables

For many of us, Anne has been a story friend since childhood. In the recent retelling “Anne with an E”, her heart is as bright, real, and influential as ever.

Anne’s yearning for unconditional love had me feeling for her from the beginning when so much in her life was conditional. Her new home was almost taken away because she was not a boy. One mistake and her new, happy reality could disappear.

Nature often took on the role of a stable place that was safe, comforting, and allowed for free expression for Anne. 🌿

In this quote, nature is already her back up plan if things go downhill. The tree will be her home, her comfort, and her safety for the night. Not only does she plan on it being a shelter, she sees it as a place that can nourish pleasure and wonder in enjoying its qualities in the moonshine. 🌝

I’ve recently been studying prehistoric matrilineal societies. In one line of interpretation, based on archaeological finds such as art and the arrangement of homes, the reason as to why nurturing aspects were celebrated and set as a foundation of social life was because these qualities were experienced and understood as originating from the earth herself. 🌍

I’m very passionate about learning and sharing about nature preservation and green architecture, and how our thriving is based on a continuous exchange with nature. Growing up there was a small patch of forest in my backyard. I would play there often and imagine and act out numerous stories. This place has been cut down since. Having a highly sensitive nervous system can make car rides overwhelming; however, all it takes is seeing an area of tall wild grasses to make it easier to breathe. Over the years, I’ve seen more and more of these areas turned into shopping centers or housing units.

I hope that moving forward into the future we can find a bit of Anne’s heart and see and take into regard the value of nature when we make decisions regarding the usage of land.

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