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Arriving at Beauty: Light's Journey from the Sun to the Human Eye

"The web is anchored at one end by matter turned to energy in the sun and at the other end by energy turned to beauty in our consciousness." - David George Haskell

Haskell’s quote gives me clarity goosebumps.

When I reflect on exchange, it has often been a struggle to feel like my relationship with the Earth is balanced. How can something I give ever be of equal value to a planet that provides the air, water, and plants that keep me alive? 🌍

Robin Kimmerer writes: “.. for the Earth to stay in balance, for the gifts to continue to flow, we must give back in equal measure for what we are given.” Kimmerer continues to state that gratitude, a form that recognizes both the gift AND giver, and paying attention are important components in gifting back to the Earth. 🌻

Haskell’s quote reveals another layer of this exchange for me. It’s about a moment of pausing and basking in truly seeing and experiencing beauty, and how this really is an exchange in a currency that lives in a realm of true nourishment. Of course I do not speak of a standardized beauty, it’s about experiencing something in its true expression and celebrating that. 🌿

There is a YouTube video I once saw that shows the faces of people smiling when they are told that they are beautiful. Does the Earth smile when we celebrate its beauty? 😊

This practice of seeing beauty can be such a birthing place for continuous healthy exchanges. If I continue to celebrate nature’s beauty throughout my day, how will that influence the choices I make? 🌿

What is really fun to imagine is what some of our everyday moments might feel like if we created space for celebrating beauty within each other. What would a job interview look like if before any questions were asked, a moment was created to appreciate and recognize a stranger’s unique beauty? Pre-meeting refreshments could include croissants, fruit salad, and beauty smiles. How would this affect our ideas, creativity, and interactions? 🌻


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