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 Author of Herlot of Alonia

eBook and Paperback available on Bookbaby and Amazon. Audiobook coming June 2020. 

Herlot of Alonia is the first book in a trilogy of ancient magic, golden hearts, unicorns, and the desperate quest for survival from the epidemic bestowed on the land of Eraska by the wrath of a murderous King.

Delivered into the hidden land of Eraska under the lullaby of a willow tree, Herlot of Alonia has displayed unnatural abilities from a young age. Her village fears the strange happenings surrounding her and deems her a bad omen. Pushed into isolation, she befriends a unicorn and engulfs herself in a magical world; however, the magic soon comes to an end when she is forced to realize that her imagination may actually be the source of her suffering.

Just as Herlot reaches adulthood and has found her place in her village, her land is invaded by King Felix, a man willing to perform unspeakable acts in his search for a source of power to conquer the Empire of Ipta. Herlot’s land is now under attack by strangers attempting to poison her family and friends. In the midst of chaos and torture, Herlot’s magical friend returns and saves her from the King’s wrath. But now it is Herlot’s responsibility to not only save a magical world, but her people, as well. Is the magic real and can she use it to complete her mission? Can she not only trust herself, but a Prince and two Iptan warriors who pledge that they will lead her and her friends into safety? Or will she have to become the leader of a quest she never asked for, let alone develop the magical abilities she will need to succeed?

About Maria Rosestone

Hello and welcome to my author page. I am truly honored to have you here. I am a writer, historian, and instructional designer who can always be found with a book. I particularly enjoy ancient and medieval history. If I am not juicing, studying, writing, or yoga-ing, I love to lie in the grass watching bugs and go for nature walks with my family and dog.

Herlot of Alonia is an epic fantasy that has been in the works for the last six years. It is inspired by my own yoga and spiritual journey. I've been looking forward to sharing Herlot's story for a long time, and can't believe the day has arrived. The story is a medieval fantasy--a fusion of light and darkness, magic and bloodshed, unicorns, fireflies, and golden hearts, and kings, battles, and epidemics. But most of all it is a story about love, which I personally believe is at the heart of most stories in some shape or form. Herlot's story begins in a world of imagination and wonder that is soon turned into anything but, and I invite you to share in her journey of reaching for light even in the darkest of times.

artwork by Robyn Mcclendon

Sunset over the stone circle at Callanis

Audiobook Available June 2020

“Before you turn the page and enter this tale, which lies invitingly before you, close your eyes, expand your own glorious breath within, and let go of any belief in limitation. Give yourself the gift of remembering that all
Magic begins in imagination blended with curiosity, and all Real is made true
through a chosen Yes and release of limiting belief. Enter."

The Marys

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